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Zambias K’Millan broke- Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers in Zambia using brand known as Yango have accused Kakabalika  star K’Millan as being broke and not being able to pay for rides. The Taxi drivers posted on social media asking everyone to ignore the star whenever he wants to hire. The rebuke has recieved a mixed reaction as some are donating to raise funds for the music star to buy a car while others continue to mock him. Opposition politician Sean Tembo offered financial lessons to K’Millan. The artist is yet to respond to the claims.

The Observer Zambia reports that Jelumu a company in Zambia that sells second hand vehicles from around the world have come on board to contribute K10, 000 after seeing the Kakabalika hit maker being rebuked on social media as being broke. The company says the money will help the artiste add to what others will contribute so that he buys his own vehicle.

K’millian real name Leo Moyo has been accused of using Yango Taxis without paying. K’millian who has a catalogue of hit songs such “Kakabalika” and “Pa Ulendo” is alleged to have been dodging payments whenever his movements have been facilitated by some Yango Drivers. This led to some drivers yesterday claiming that the Musical Icon owes them money.

The aggrieved drivers stated that K’millian must be ignored whenever he orders Yango. They went on to mock him by saying “teti ashiteko nangu ka Vitz” while another came and revealed that K’millian allegedly asked for beer from him. Other concerned Zambians have reminded K’Millian to ditch Yango taxis  and start using Ulendo taxis  as he sung a song titled Ulendo.

The musician was also popular  in Malawi