Chakwera ducks PAC, says Times report

President Lazarus Chakwera is avoiding the Public Affairs Committee, a religious civic body that has been influential in Malawi politics, a newspaper report claimed on Thursday.

PAC was formed by religious bodies in the run up to multiparty democracy in 1993 to negotiate with then then one party government of dictator Hasting Kamuzu Banda.

PAC met last year and presented a number of governance issues and Robert Phiri, Executive Director for the body told The Daily Times they have been informed the President is busy.

This was confirmed by Martha Kwataine, former activist now Presidential aide.

The news that Chakwera is busy would certainly come as a shock to Malawians, as apart from travelling outside the country, the President is known for presiding over mundane events.

The President in the last 40 days, has had three foreign trips, attended two funerals and travelled or attended events that have very minimal impact in solving the incumbent economic crisis Malawians are facing.

“He has joined the league of those presidents who run away from PAC because they are scared of hearing the truth. If he wants the truth, let him meet his fellow religious leaders,” said a social media commentator.

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