Chakwera hiding Chizumas arrest report

President  Lazarus Chakwera got the report from the Commission of Inquiry into the arrest of ACB Director Martha Chizuma, but as the case with him, he is hiding it from the public.

In his New Year address, he said the Tax payer funded inquiry report was on his desk and he was reviewing it.

“Another threat you must watch out for is corruption, and once I am done reviewing the report to be submitted by the Commission of Inquiry into the irregular arrest of the DirectorGeneral of the Anti-Corruption Bureau last month, I will make further orders to keep us on the winning side of this threat,” said Chakwera who is set to become the first Head of State to hide a public inquiry report if he does not release it.

All Public Inquiries reports have always been made public immediately after is submitted.

The President surprisingly also announced a formation of a Private Sector Committee, despite announcing the Private  Sector Labs in June of 2022, with almost similar reasons. The President seems focused to deliver committee after committee than any programme or impact. President Lazarus Chakwera brief appearance on national television  had zero surprises as he repeated what he told Malawians in October, 2022.

The President failed to say what his administration has achieved in the ending year, save for encouraging citizen participation in national development.

“Although much of the economic pain exacted on Us last year remains, the efforts we made, such as putting in place austerity measures; securing hundreds of millions of dollars from abroad through compacts, grants, and credit facilities; conducting public works projects across the country; rescuing our farmers from fertilizer predators; have all succeeded in stopping our economy from collapsing and laying a runway from which it can start to rise this year,” said the President.

However the Presidents referred “hundreds of millions of dollars” are yet to make impact as importers are still struggling to get forex and fuel imports are at lowest covering 15 days only.

The President also mentioned about cholera which  has killed over 570 Malawians and affected 17,000 people.

Social media reaction to the statement has been brutal.

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