Chinese contractor abandons Rumphi- Nyika-Chitipa road

Only God can understand priorities of Reverend Lazarus Chakwera administration, a 60 year old Nkhuzi Gondwe has lamented after Chinese contractors abandoned the Rumphi- Nyika- Chitipa road.

The contractors were seen packing their wares near Bolero on Tuesday and as angry residents watched another political promise go south.

The packing came on day that up to 12 Ministers out of 31 in Chakweras administration will be spending K1 billion for new cars while roads and people affected by Cyclone Freddy and water flooding are struggling.

There has been no word from Government on its priorities days after Secretary to the President and Cabinet Collen Zamba begged poorly paid Civil Servants to contribute to Cyclone Freddy relief.

“Something is fundamentally wrong with this President. When it comes to wasteful expenditures by his cronies he goes on mute. This is the worst administration ever,,” an angry Malawian posted on social media in reaction to the news.

The Nation newspaper reporterd on Tuesday that the expensive Toyota VX will procurement has already started.

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