Desperate Malawi Police, Kayuni goof again on Chizuma

…Justice Simeon Mdeza rejects his inclusion
The desperation by the Malawi Police Services and former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Steven Kayuni to get rid of no-nonsense Anti-Corruption Bureau Czar Martha Chizuma turned into another embarrassing episode as Justice Simeon Mdeza whose name was used to charge the ACB boss rejected to be part of the plot.
President Chakwera who only fired Kayuni but left the Malawi Police Service is now looking more embarrassed as after promising Malawians that Chizuma’s case was no longer a state matter, the Police wanted to charge her of the same charges.
This time they included Justice Simeon Mdeza claiming the audio had lowered the authority of the court.
Justice Mdeza has distanced himself and reported to Chief Justice Rezine Mzikamanda and the Malawi Law Society that he was not pressing charges against Chizuma.
The question haunting the President again is “who is in charge” as his authority and words are turning into a joke every day with Police prosecutors issuing summons which definitely, he will say “he was not aware.”
The matter failed to start at the Chief Resident Magistrate court today as Chizuma’s lawyer said they had not been served with the summons.
Allegations are emerging that Government wants to use the new charges to suspend Chizuma.

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