DPP reclaims ward from UTM

…MCP in strong showing in Eastern Region

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was Tuesday night celebrating its electoral victory in a Zomba local election that was dubbed a barometer for future elections.

DPP lost the seat in 2019 elections to its offshoot UTM of Vice President Saulosi Chilima. UTMs Edward Kajosolo won 1882 votes in that election against DPPs Hilda Mponda who had 1389 votes. The UDF was third with its candidate Isaac Luna scooping 561 votes.

The ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which deployed all its political arsenal led by Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka and its strategist Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma this time, could find solace in the results as in 2019 it failed to find a  candidate to stand on its ticket.

On Tuesday with one of the lowest turn up of about 1113 voters from 6459 registered voters in Mtiya Ward, the Malawi Electoral Commission has declared DPPs Maxwell Finias as the winner of the by-election.

Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Chifundo Kachale decried the poor voter turn out.

Finias is a new Mtiya ward Councillor with 505 votes while Humphrey Rabeti of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) got 455 votes. UTMs 

Mwalala Micah managed  66 votes while the UDF through its candidate Natasha Thewe got 50 votes. Last is Tereza Kambale representing the Umodzi Party (UP) who got 7 votes.

With the results, UTM shows has lost  its strong showing  in the district it had shaken in the 2019 elections and its message needs to be reworked to find its identity as part of either government or opposition. It is a key member of the Tonse Alliance.

The DPP on the other hand would be celebrating the inroads in what used to be its stronghold especially urban votes which it lost in 2019 and 2020 to UTM and later to Tonse Alliance.

However, the close  margins should be of concern if the party will have to reclaim Goverment from the MCP.

The next by elections are scheduled for November 16, with Mwasa Ward in Mangochi being another battle front while the MCP is expected to show its strength in Dedza Central parliamentary race.

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