Editorial: Now that President Lazarus Chakwera knows, can he redeem his integrity?

We have to thank the Malawi Law Society and the High Court of Malawi for unmasking the real decision-makers of this administration. The case has solved one great mystery- who is running the presidency.

The President has always said “I did not know” every time something heats up. He is the first Head of State Malawi has ever elected who seems not to know what is happening in his own administration. The citizens seem to be more aware that the dear leader.
He told Malawians he did not know who ordered the arrest of Martha Chizuma, the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau. His own Communications team told the media that the President did not know about the suspension.

Now that the High Court has confirmed that the decision was not only unlawful (meaning illegal) and that the President’s powers were usurped or in simple English seized or taken by Secretary to the President and Cabinet, can the President redeem the integrity of the office.
Well, anyone with common sense now knows that Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba is not fit for the office. She breaks the law willy-nilly. Gives herself powers she does not have under the constitution and the High Court of Malawi has confirmed, she has usurped the powers of the President.
Of course, we have very low expectations that President Lazarus Chakwera can act. But we have seen how he pretends nothing has happened and buys time and then continues to pretend he is working when he is not traveling.
How he reacts to the court ruling, will show the integrity and standards he holds to the Office of the President of the Republic. In a civilised democracy, the President could have asked Zamba to resign or fire her by now.
We know, they are now busy looking for a hole to hide and wish the public amusement they create through reckless blunders will disappear.
That will not wish away what the High Court has declared, Zamba is powerful. Very powerful that she unlawfully makes a decision usurping the powers of the president and gets away with it.

Actually, she should be regarded as the defacto President, if the President cannot redeem himself from this mess of Zamba. She has made decisions on behalf of the president illegally; the High Court has declared them illegal but she soldiers on- out to the next project.
The man we elected as a president is too weak to touch her. She is untouchable in all senses.
At least, we now know who the real puppet master is. Aluta continua Your Excellency Zambia.

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