Editorial: President Chakwera is corrupt

Less than a month ago, we wrote that President Lazarus Chakwera knew that Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Martha Chizuma was being arrested. His intention, as we point out in our first edition of The Investigator Magazine (you can buy the digital copy) is to fire Chizuma.

Chizuma has made all the corrupt barons including Chakwera uncomfortable.

In our New Year’s Editorial, we asked President Chakwera, the most failed President according to Afrobarometre survey and the Roman Catholic Bishops, to resign or call for a referendum. Today we say he does not need to waste Malawians tax payers’ money with a referendum quickly, let him resign.

The President is corrupt, and on Tuesday, 3rd of January 2023, unashamedly exposed his hideous intentions, his fight against the very people that elected him, by shielding his corrupt colleagues and trying to manipulate his staged Commission of Inquiry.

We said he was hiding the Commission of Inquiry report, he did. He decided to hide from the public not one, but seven chapters of the Commission report and only released two chapters of the report. His intentions are clear, he needs to fire Martha Chizuma very quickly.

The President has not been fighting corruption, he has been fighting on behalf of the corrupt. He is a beneficiary of corruption.

In our first edition, the President and his MCP received K800 million or more from Zuneth Sattar. It is also on record that he also received more than K200 million from Thom Mpinganjira. We can say he received hundreds of millions from Simbi and we can add K400 million from Abdul Karim Batatawatala which was converted into a suspicious loan by his adviser.

His other two advisers were caught on record discussing bribes on his behalf. Actually his Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba can’t even answer Parliament, she is hiding from responding when she has been accused of abusing her positions to get contracts for her friend “Chief” and “Eva”

Unfortunately for President Chakwera he should have realised that his mentor and dictator Dr Kamuzu Banda failed to manipulate Malawians. He was fired on June14, 1993.

 Dr Bakili Muluzi failed to manipulate the nation with a third term. Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika learnt what a Malawian can do on July 20, 2011. Dr Joyce Banda learnt after cashgate what Malawians think of people who preside over party officials that are stealing in 2014.

Corruption by his associates earned Professor Peter Mutharika exit from State House in 2020.

The President should have read ans learnt from such a simple history of predecessors. But as clearly incompetent he is to manage the country, the most dangerous thing that he is equally controlled by some people.

His act to fool Malawians is simply childish. He has emerged as a badly paid actor who can’t deliver a line. He is indeed the worst President in the history of Malawi, much worse that he uses the state machinery and tax payers resources to hide corrupt freinds  and family.

There is no other explanation save to say the former President  of Assemblies of God, he himself is corrupt. That is the image he has created for himself.

He already, according to the Afrobarometer, is not trusted by 70% of Malawians. He has lost another 25% or also with this stage play.

It is time we all agree with Vice President Saulos Chilima, that section 91 which provides Presidential immunity should be removed. Then we can all be equal before the law. Then we can measure how clean the President really is.

By hiding seven chapters and giving strange Terms of Reference to a Commission we already doubted at its formation, it confirms that the President is very corrupt, he is enabler of corruption and he will do all he can to defend those that do his corrupt deals.

On Tuesday, he missed a golden opportunity to reset his administration and exonerate himself from corruption.

To those who wrote the report, please be assured you will be remembered as the worse traitors of your nation.

One thing for sure we can be certain, if not 2023, President Lazarus Chakwera will be a one term President come 2025 and he will be remembered as champion of corruption.

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