Fake Gwengwe, Usi accounts used by scammer Leah Valani

…hundreds scammed using 0884705808
…TNM fails to respond why it cant stop the number

For close to three years scammers using a TNM line 0884705808 registered to a Leah Valani have used Cabinet Minister’s fake facebook accounts to dupe people with promises of land allocations from Ministry of Lands and loans from the National Economic Empowerment Fund, The Investigator Magazine has established.
Our investigations reveal that as early as 2020 complaints were made to TNM customer service and this was amplified in 2021 when then Tourism Minister Micheal Usi was targeted by the scammers who created a fake account in his needed and offered beach plot to some prominent Malawian who needed land.

Leah Valani demanded that the applicant send Fuel money and added another TNM number 0888856089 of McFord Sauzande which was said could be used to send the money. Fortunately the prominent citizen became suspicious and reported the matter but the number has remained active.
Finance Minister Sosten Gwengwe is the latest victim as a fake Facebook account that has been offering loans to desperate Malawians giving them the number which we tracked to be registered to Leah Valani as an officer with NEEF and offering to include people on loans list if they sent K40,000.00
“I am not on Facebook. I don’t know any Leah Valani and I wouldn’t know when they are issuing loans at NEEF. Anyone who paid money or sent money should take up the matter with authorities. I don’t own any Facebook account,” said the Minister when contacted.

A desperate 26-year-old single mother who works in one of retails shops reached out to the fake Gwengwe account for help as debts were piling up. The scammers advised her to get in touch with Leah ValanI at NEEF.
“I cannot personally give you any money but there was an initiative under which party youths (UTM and MCP) were to receive loans from NEEF ranging from K1 million to K3 million to be refunded in the next three years,” reads the Facebook message from the fake Gwengwe account.
To create a sense of urgency, the fake message adds that the loans were due to be disbursed from the following week and was not sure if the lady would be allowed to apply.

The scammers then pick up the message on whatsapp and tells the victim the applications closed, and disbursements starts next week Monday before the thief adds, “And this time around its for party youth and its going to be grants and not loans.”

However, an olive branch is extended, “Lets do this, because you were sent by bwana wo, titamvana that mundigulireko Fuel and Fanta this morning I can help you get the funds. I can go to the office and create your file and backdate it to show as if you applied in time and kukasiya ku accounts department ku Monday you should be among the beneficiaries.”

The lady who claims she had contemplated suicide due to her financial saw the opportunity and promised to give her saviour up to K100,000 once the  loan is approved. She managed to raise K20,000 by morning as demanded which was acknowledged, afterwards she raised another K20,000 from borrowing.
“Its depressing, you think you have found solutions to your problem then heartless people steal from you” said the lady in tears when informed by The Investigator team that she had fallen to a long running scam.
TNM communications office was contacted for comment and we will update if they decide to respond.

Editors Note: Have you been scammed by this number, please send us details on 0999920866 or email editor@theinvestigator.news . Our scammer series will be run this whole month. If Police or any Public Servant or anyone Scammed you or demanded money for any service you are not supposed to pay, please get in touch.

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