Hands off ACB, West tells Chakwera

...start fighting corruption- UK, USA

...Chakwera disoriented after meet

President Lazarus Chakwera appeared angry and disoriented after failing to convince representatives of Western nations that he had acted within his mandate when he instructed Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba to interdict Anti Corruption Bureau Czar Martha Chizuma.

The donors representatives included United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Japanese Ambassadors to Malawi who told President Chakwera to forget any budget support until he shows willingness to fight corruption.

The Investigator Magazine has been reporting that it was Chakwera who ordered the suspension of Chizuma after those that are considered powerful and close to him concocted lies that ACB was after his wife and children.

“After the meeting he looked angry and disoriented. He has been shouting at staff since the meeting ended,” reported State House staff adding that the meeting did not go well.

The meeting which was scheduled to last for an hour went on until 6:35pm from 2pm with Chakwera reportedly to have told the donors that he will call them if he needed to speak to them.

The donors told him to start fighting corruption if his government expects any aid from their governments.

“The messages were two fold. Hands off ACB let it do its job and that he should demonstrate that he is fighting corruption and not just mere talk. They told him they expect Martha Chizuma to be left alone,” said our diplomatic source.

Our source who attended the meeting said Chakwera met the diplomats along Ministerd fr Foreign Affairs Nancy Tembo, Homeland Security Ken Zikhale Ngoma, Justice Titus Mvalo and Finance Minister Sosten Gwengwe.

Chakwera is said to have put up a brave face but did not have facts with him.

President Chakwera, according to our source in the meeting insisted that he had followed procedure to ask Colleen Zamba to interdict Chizuma.

“The President kept on repeating himself,” added the source.

The EU and UK have been exploring restoring budget support to Malawi to save the ailing economy while the United States plans to advance travel sanctions against members of Chakwera administration.

The Investigator Magazine will on Saturday publish the proposed list of those facing travel bans.

Editors note: The Editor apologises sincerely to all our valued  readers for a draft copy of this story that was published earlier that contained typos and errors.

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