I made K150 million- Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira

…says not 300, but 6000 people paid K25,000 each

The Investigator Magazine story on a court case involving self acclaimed industrial revolutionist Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira and his Project Innovation Centre (PIC) and 40 people solicited an avalanche of responses from Kachamba Ngwira, with one post indicating he has raised K150 million not K45 million as reported.
Kachamba Ngwira has stated that he will engage his lawyers while the Editor for the Magazine Masauko Phiri says a due court process would be an opportunity for Kachamba Ngwira to bring audited accounts of the K150 million he raised from the public.
Writing on his Facebook Account earlier, Kachamba Ngwira who has a fanatic social following with trolls swearing on The Investigator Magazine pages, said all that had been said by the Magazine sources were lies.
He claimed only 25 of the 6,000 VIP members had issues with the progress made. By 8pm on Monday night, the Investigator Magazine had received copies of whatsapp texts where Kachamba Ngwira blocked people who asked questions or demanded accountability.
“As we speak all partnerships are running and politics came into play. 25 people out of 6,000 VIP members rose against us,” he writes, in an earlier he had indicated that each paid K25,000 translating into K150 million.
Mr Kachamba Ngwira’s claim of all partnerships running are contrary to information that The Investigator Magazine will publish this May.
The Investigator Magazine can inform Malawians that Mr Kachamba Ngwira application to MACRA was rejected in November 2022 and was communicated to him in writing. This contradicts his assertions that the TV and Radio project are running and is waiting for MACRA to start reissuing licences.
He has never applied to other agencies save to the District Commissioner office in Kasungu for Mphomwa Filling Station whose date is 10 November 2022 almost two years after he collected money for the project.
The Member of Parliament in question has also shared a copy of the letter PIC Project Officer identified as Emma Chombo confirming the training and texts between the MP and Mr Kachamba Ngwira. The MP has indicated will be joining the court cases.
Kachamba Ngwira also claimed that the people demanding their money back was due to politics as he was being targeted for being popular which was making politicians uncomfortable.
Other projects such as Beach House, private school called St Mathews School, Car Dealership, Medical South and Real Estates are yet to have reports as the Revolutionary Farming Project which has only k67 500 reported in a Bank.

The post he specifically mentioned The Investigator Magazine was later taken down on his page.
The Investigator Magazine Editor said Mr Kachamba Ngwira has been threatening to deal with any questions with his lawyers, it would an opportune time for him to account for what he has collected and where it has been invested.
“Our motto is to create a free, just and accountable society. If he is a man of integrity as he claims, he will produce the past three years statements on his two mobile numbers and bank accounts where the public was depositing money. More important registration certificates for the companies he claims to have facilitated, payments of taxes from such huge incomes of K150 million he is declaring and the company’s policies and contracts he signed with individuals. We are happy to cover all that in detail if it exists contrary to what these people who want their money back are claiming,” he said.

The Investigator Magazine continues to urge everyone who contributed and was blocked or removed from groups to get in touch through 0999920866 or email editor@theinvestigator.news

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