K250 million Salima theft: Police arrest MCP youth

…. nothing on officers captured on camera

….amount raised from K21m to K42 m

Lilongwe Police are trying to cover up the disastrous robbery of over K100 million at shops belonging to Burundi nationals in Salima by arresting one of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Youth Bauleni Lafiyoni.

A leaked charge sheet, which claims “Lafiyoni and four others” whose names are not included, signed by Assistant Superintendent Sambo raises the figure from K21 million that had been reported to K42 million, raising more questions about the whole arrest charade and amounts stolen.

“Bauleni Layifoni on the 25th day of July 2023 at Kamuzu Road in the district of Salima, in the company of four others, robbed Mr Manuel Josephy MK24,000,000.00 cash and at or immediately before or immediately after the time of the said robbery used actual violence to the said Mr Manuel Josephy in order to obtain or retain the said or prevent or overcome resistance to it being stolen or retained,” reads the charge sheet.

The Police act against Bauleni is an attempt to be seen to do something on the embarrassing episode which has turned the service into a laughingstock as its senior CID officials were caught on camera stealing. According to insiders, the team is sent by Police top brass to steal, and they share the loot.

Bauleni and other youth identified as Kanyoni and Haward, challenged Police and Cabinet Ministers to arrest them, claiming Ministers and Parliamentarians have been collecting “tithe” from refugees along the Lakeshore Districts.

Five Police officers were captured on camera and none of them have been arrested nor interdicted, which would be strange as they accompanied the MCP Youth to the operation which has turned into a money-stealing operation.

The Police and MCP Youth raided two shops, where they went away with over K200 million which was allegedly carried in the MCP vehicles while three Burundi nationals were carried in a Police vehicle.

“The two women have refused to make statements in fear of reprisals. Powerful people are connected to these robberies,” said a source.

The Youth mentioned a cabinet minister and three parliamentarians as being among those that collect “tithes” from refugees. The arrested youth allegedly belongs to a camp of another Minister.

The Investigator Magazine will soon release the wealth of Ministers, Parliamentarians, and some senior MCP officials that have been accumulating from collections of “tithes” as some party youths are helping with the identification of properties and vehicles of several senior officials.

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