Kayuni suspended, ACB Czar charges dropped

The drama ignited by the Director of Public Prosecutions Steven Kayuni that led to the arrest of ACB boss Martha Chizuma has resulted in Kayunis suspension, Justice Minister Titus Mvalo has said.

Mvalo also announced that all charges against Chizuma have been dropped and that an official inquiry has been instituted.

Kayuni has been at loggerheads with the ACB Czar refusing consent to have Kezzie Msukwa – Former Lands Minister prosecuted. Rejecting renowned lawyer Mordecai Msiska who the ACB want to prosecute Vice President Soulos Chilima and leaking embarrassing legal opinion to Chizuma.

Martha Chizuma today (6 December, 2022) at Namitete Police Station in Lilongwe

Angry Malawians called for Kayunis head and the announcement will do very little to calm the nation as President Lazarus Chakwera is well known for his indiciveness and shielding people close to him.

The Malawi Police arrested Chizuma and charged her over a leaked recording under instructions from Kayuni. Chizuma was arrested at 4am and the Police dragged her 45 kilometres away from the capital where she was captured without shoes. The arrest saw opposition benches force parliament to a recess and they went to her home to show solidarity with her. Lillian Patel, Mangochi South MP said she would join demonstrations against the arrest.

Mzimba North MP Yeremiah Chihana demanded the Parliamentary recess. Though Malawians are accustomed to see the scandal ladden Tonse administration shield those accused of corruption, the arrest of Chizuma has opened a can of worms as the public are now questioning the presidency who is seen as weak.

The President speaking in the morning called the arrest “mysterious” and Mvalo said it was done “behind Government back”. Information Minster Gospel Kazako confirmed the chaos in his administration stating that Government was not aware and learnt of the arrest in the media.

Foreign missions in Malawi have expressed concern with USA Ambassador David Young meeting with Chizuma and expressing his governments solidarity.

Zuneth Sattar a British businessman is accused by the ACB of bribing 83 politicians, journalists, public servants, judges and civil society groups.

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