Lilongwe car murders solved

…Police say step brother killed her 

...Zikhale was right- family connected 

Malawi Police Service (MPS) have finally solved the second chilling vehicle murder of Agness Katengeza a Reserve Bank of Malawi employee, days after another body of Allan Wittika had been discovered in a car in September this year.

The murders sent panic to Lilongwe residents but Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma insisted at that time that the matters were family related.

This was a family related case and we will solve it; assured Zikhale

In November this year, Police arrested an aide to Information Minister Lester Maganga for the murder of Wittika allegedly over a girlfriend they both dated. Wittika was shot in the mouth, according to The Investigator Magazine sources.

Agness Katengeza, 44 years was found dead in her car dumped in Area 47 sector 1 on 24 September, after her sister Egnat reported her missing.

The late Katengeza

She was working at Reserve bank of Malawi as Network Administrator, and her body was in the boot of her official Reserve Bank vehicle, Sportage BY 4159. It was parked it behind gateway mail and thieves went away with an HP laptop, Iphone 13 min cellphone, Ipad, power bank and expand loaded with cosmetics.

According to an internal  Police report,  the MPS team led by Supritendant George Oscar Mizere arrested  Amos Katengeza, 27 years old, of  Vge Kachitsa T/A Chiwere D. Dowa who is the primary suspect in the matter.

The murder suspect , Amos Katengeza

The Police recovered all the stolen items including an iPhone 13 that had been sold in Maputo, Mozambique.

The Police report says they tracked an iPhone 6 to Blantyre which had been stolen from late Agnes house four months before her murder.

The iPhone was traced to a phone technician who admitted to have recieved the wanted Iphone 6. 

“He further disclosed that he wiped out the icloud account of the phone bearing the name of the deceased. Upon intensive interviews, he mentioned to have recieved Iphone 13, Ipad and laptop and wiped passwords however, all gadgets had the deceased’s icloud accounts. He pointed out the suspect as the one accountable for all the gadgets,” reads the report.

The suspect was caught at Blantyre market and  was found with Ipad and power bank all properties of the deceased robbed during murder incident. 

Though he did not reveal where he sold the laptop, Police claim they recovered it wothin Blantyre market business man who pointed at the suspect.

The Police say through their informants, they traced the iPhone 13 to Maputo in Mozambique using an agent based at Namwera in Mangochi. 

“Effort was made to retrieve the phone back to Malawi and now in the hands of investigators. The phone was also sold by same suspect at K500,000.00,” says the report.

It adds, “Preliminary inquiry discovered that suspect was party to the offence. He has voluntarily admitted to have taken an active part in the brutal murder of the deceased. The call log of his phone number clearly showed that he was at the site where the body of the deceased was dumped.”

Amos, stayed with Late Agness before a fallout. 

The murder of Wittika and Katengeza shocked Malawians and many rebuked Zikhale Ng’oma for suggesting it was family related. The Police have since vindicated the Minister.

Malawi Police Service armed and violent robberies recovery rates seems to have improved after public outcry that they take ages to solve cases.

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