Malawi passport among top 10 in Africa

Malawi passport, despite recent years of series of scandals continues being among the top 10 travel documents on the continent.

The passport ranks 72 in the World with 71 countries allowing Malawi passport  holders to enter their countries without visas, according  to the 2023 Global rankings by the The Henely Passport Index.

The institute says there are direct economic benefits between a strong passport and investments.

Japan’s passport was ranked the strongest globally, allowing users visa-free access to 193 countries, followed by Singapore, South Korea, Germany and Spain.

Mauritius, which is ranked 34th globally, emerged the most powerful passport in Africa in the annual rankings produced with data from the International Air Transport Association (Iata).

The mobility score measures the number of countries that a person holding a Malawian passport can visit without having a visa or where they can get a visa on arrival.

Others in descending order are South Africa (53), Botswana (63), Namibia (67), Lesotho (69) and eSwatini (71).

Tanzania emerged in the 74th position with Zambia and Uganda coming in at number 75 and 78, respectively, according to the report.

Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are the lowest ranked passports in the world.

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