Malawi was to pay Bridgin Foundation K700bn

….Gwengwe, Chakwera lied to Malawians

President Lazarus Chakwera and his Finance Minister Sosten Gwengwe lied to Malawians when they claimed the bogus Bridgin Foundation money was a grant, as K700 billion was supposed to be paid as facilitation fees to the fake agency.

Weekend Nation and South African based Amabhungane reports indicate that Bridgin Foundation collects 10 percent of the funds as facilitation fees which would translate to K700 billion from the K7 trillion  grant.

Both the President and Gwengwe failed to disclose this when they signed the agreement fooling Malawians that the investment had no conditions.

Interestingly despite all the proof that Professor Mahamoud Tanko runs the foundation from a rented boardroom and has limited income, Malawi Government officials continue to live on fools paradise believing “manna” from Bridgin will land.

The Weekend Nation newspaper quotes Professor Kanyama Phiri as saying he believes Tanko who had to be forced to speak to the South African paper has capacity.

Kanyama Phiri is not alone as University of Kamuzu Health Sciences and Mzuzu University dons have publicly maintained that they are progressing with preparations including meetings with Tanko and his bogus Foundation.

The Ministry of Finance has not disclosed how much is spent to host Tanko and company who have been making similar “jokes” across the world.

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