MBC gags social media comments on Chakwera

Old habits die hard. Tax funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) barred the tax payers from expressing themselves on its pages to protect President Lazarus Chakwera from innuendos.

MBC Facebook had a barrier notice for users during the delivery of President Lazarus Chakweras State of the Nation Address.

MBC spokesperson Chisomo Mwamadi asked for more time to find out what had happened as pages are “managed in newsroom.”

MBC has long been antithesis of free speech with most of its news and programmes based in favour of the ruling parties despite being supposedly a “public  broadcaster.”

Malawians are using social media to vent their anger against Chakweras misrule and during such live broadcasts the comments are overloaded with expression of dissatisfaction over his administration.

MBC Director General George Kasakula pledged to deliver an independent MBC when he was appointed after years of working for Nation and Times newspapers.

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