MCP banks on Chilima failing to stand 

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has placed all its bet on Vice President Saulos Chilima, who is its main Tonse Alliance partner not being eligible to stand in 2025 presidential elections.

Chilima, according to The Investigator Magazine monthly political polls to be published this June, enjoys popular appeal among many voters that do not want DPP and MCP to win again.

UTM members have largely remained loyal to Chilima affording him a comfortable 1 million votes should elections be held today.

A possible split in the DPP and large number of voters defranchised by President Lazarus Chakweras poor leadership, the Vice President could comfortably claim a second place in the first round of elections.

Should UTM reorganise and attract new members, Chilima standing alone or with an alliance of his own would force elections into second round as no party would gain 50 +1 vote, our pollsters found out.

MCP officials say Chilima is not running again in 2025, throwing away the agreement he made with Chakwera that he will lead the Tonse Alliance.

“Tonse Alliance was for 2020 fresh elections. We are preparing to go solo or with new Alliance partners. UTM can join any Alliance of their choice,” said a Cabinet Minister.

The party is sure a 2009 High Court ruling and the allegations that he benefitted from Zuneth Sattar funding will impact on his electability.

“Justice Minister (Titus) Mvalo is working to have the case dropped. If the matter goes to court it could reveal more than the Vice President and implicate the MCP. If it is dropped only Chilima has an egg in his face,” explained our source.

We will carry detailed analysis of MCP strategy to 2025 elections in our print edition this month.

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