MCP candidates shrink over Chakweras ouster

..New candidates for First VP, SG posts 

President Lazarus Chakwera remains safe as a group of rebels that were meeting to find alternative candidate seem to have dismantled without any further direction.

The anti-Chakwera’s movement mainly comprised of Parliamentarians and some disgruntled National Executive Committee members has now hit a snag after their approach to businessman Simbi  Phiri seems to have not moved forward

Government has allocated K500 million for the Salima- Lilongwe Water Project and an additional K105 billion has been earmarked for borrowing from National Bank and NBS Bank. This has been approved by Parliament.

“Timaona ngati bwana Simbi angatithandize, mmene project yawoyi ikuyamba basi palibenso tingachite,” said an MP who had initially told The Investigator Magazine of the plot to oust the President at the party convention.

The group failed to agree to obtain an injunction to force MCP hold its convention this year, arguing the resolution to push it to 2024 was never discussed. They claim Secretary General Einshower Mkaka brought it as a notice in the last executive meeting.

The convention was supposed to be held by May 2023, five years after Chakwera and his incumbent executive was elected in 2018.

Two crucial positions are yet to be filled, First Vice President post which became vacant after the death of Sidik Mia and recently a vacancy created by the resignation of Maurice  Munthali who was publicity Secretary.

The MPs fear Chakweras growing unpopularity worsened by corruption scandals of people close to him and the Fertiliser subsidy mess will affect their chances in 2025.

Four replacement for Chakwera have been mentioned including Vice President Saulos Chilima, Simbi Phiri, businessman Edwin Simama (Son to Bishop Simama)  and Prophet Shepered Bushiri.

A senior UTM official downplayed Chilima leaving his party  but said, “what I can confirm is the Vice President will be national candidate come 2025. Do not write us off yet.”

Whilst Sidik Mia widow Abida who is Water Minister has been linked to succeed her departed husband, new names being proposed or mentioned for First Vice President include for Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu, his predecessor Gospel Kazako, Atupele Muluzi, Speaker Catherine Gotani Hara and Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma.

For post of Secretary General too is attracting new names with incumbent Mkaka being seen as unlikely to win again. Bulldozer Richard Chimwendo Banda who is Director of Youth,  John Paul and former Admarc Chairperson Kasamba Dzonzi are all being mentioned by party rank and file .

The MCP convention is likely to be held in May 2024 and as a ruling party, it will be hotly contested with most of elected senior officials getting appointed into 2025 national campaign cabinet.

We have sent questions to those mentioned we will update when we receive answers.

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