Msaka tells Speaker has no powers to suspend member

Machinga Lukwenu Parliamentarian Bright Msaka on Wednesday challenged the Speaker of Parliament Catherine Hara Gotani that she has no powers suspend any member beyond prescribed periods.

Hara-Gotani on Monday slapped a 14 day suspension on Mulanje South East MP Naomi Kilekwa.

“The Chair has no powers to suspend a member for 14 days. The standing order 105 (3) provides for two days. I wish to ask the Chair to reverse the wrong ruling,” charged Msaka.

Hara-Gotani was not in the house but a copy of her ruling she says she used the standing order 105 to punish Kilekwa despite that no where in the standing order provides 14 day suspension.

Here is what the Speaker claimed in verbatim.

“Honourable Members, going back to the disorderly conduct by the Member for Mulanje South East, I will, having considered all the surrounding issues concerning the conduct of the member, give the member the maximum sanction provided by Standing Order 105. I, therefore, order the Member to leave the Chamber now. The Member is suspended from the House for 14 calendar days and forfeiture of all allowances for that period with effect from today, and I order the Secretariat not to pay the Member applicable allowances for that period. For those Members who incited the Honourable Member for Mulanje South East to defy my orders, they are suspended from the House for 2 working daysand of all allowances for that period.These Members are: Thyolo Thava, Neno North and Mangochi Central. I am giving a verbal warning to Member for Mulanje Bale because he did not move from his seat to incite the Member. I so rule.”

Deputy Speaker Aisha Mambo was presiding  the debate and asked for more time.

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