Namiwa sounds alarm over possible MCP attack

Malawians holding vigils outside Capital Hill to force embattled Attorney General Chakaka Nyirenda to honour his pledge to resign, have claimed of a possible attack by ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) militia.

Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives (CDEDI) Director Sylvester Namiwa has  told The Investigator Magazine that Malawi Police Service have withdrawn their security at the entrance of Malawi Government  offices.

Namiwa says the Police withdraw coincided with intelligence reports that MCP youth were mobilising themselves to attack the demonstrators.

Earlier in the week, Police arrested some young men who were in a minibus were heading to the vigils allegedly to attack the CDEDI led protest.

Chakaka Nyirenda told Malawians he would resign if he failed to recover K750 million that was meant for fertiliser procurement. He has failed to recover the funds.

CDEDI wants him to go and those that paid a butchery in London prosecuted.

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