No 1 million jobs yet

Lucius Banda blames Covid, Russia

Celebrated musician and advisor to the President on Youth and Arts, Lucius Banda has joined the official sing along blaming Covid 19 and Russian War to Ukraine as reasons Tonse Alliance is yet to create the promised 1 million jobs.

This is in contrast to other nations where Covid 19 and the shortages created by Russian war in Ukraine are being exploited to create new industry’s and jobs.

Speaking in an interview with Times TV Brian Banda, Lucius said the government had to change its focus to Covid 19 and experience shocks from the Russian  war hence it could not deliver.

“It like when one promises you to take you on boat to Makanjira by 3pm, that person can’t know if there lake is clear or windy. Government had to focus on Covid 19,” said Lucius Banda. Fact check on Lucius Banda would reveal that he was not being sincere as Tonse Alliance leaders were making promises as Covid 19 had already started and they were fully aware of its implications.

“Lucius Bandas assertions do not make sense. Covid 19 was already there. Tonse resisted lock downs and blamed the previous administration for failing to manage. They can’t turn around and pretend they did not know two years later,” iDigital fact check team lead Lughano Mwaluaghali said. Banda also said the Tonse administration is working to finding long term  solution to the economic challenges. On the Alliance its self said ‘mischief’ is being caused by the lower echelons of the Alliance but it was still intact.

“On Youth and Arts I report to President Chakwera. On party matters I am UTM and loyal to my party,” said the revered musician.

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