Nundwe retires, declines diplomatic appointment

….General Paul Valentino Phiri takes over

General Vincent Nundwe, the first military Chief to be recalled into service finally retired on June 20 at the end of his industrious career that saw the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) assume the role of defenders of Malawi democracy.

The Investigator Magazine can reveal that General Nundwe who was informed that his contract will not be renewed on Tuesday, declined an offer of a diplomatic post from President Lazarus Chakwera, according to insiders.

President Chakwera (left) with General Nundwe (right) at a Cadet pass out ceremony in Salima

Former MDF Commander Namathanga also declined a diplomatic position from President Lazarus Chakwera. He is still receiving full benefits of MDF Commander.

General Namathanga (rtd) handed over the Sword of Power to President Chakwera at the MDF Headquarters

The President appointed and promoted the now General Paul Valentino Phiri, who was Nundwes deputy to take over the military command.

Phiri has risen through the ranks to the post of MDF commander.

Phiri who at 64 years old and was supposed to retire next year, will assume a four year contract as MDF chief which will end in 2027.

The outgoing Nundwe was christened the “peoples” general after the 2019 general elections as demonstrations against the elections results grew. The MDF assumed the role of peace enforcer.

He ordered the military to protect the civilians who lost trust in the Malawi Police Service which is always seen as partisan until today.

During the 2014 General Elections as a Head of the Southern Region military operation, Nundwe refused to close the National Tally Centre at Comesa Hall in Blantyre after  then President Joyce Banda wanted to cancel elections when it became apparent she was losing power.

He was recalled from retirement in July 2020 and his contract ended on June 20, 2023.

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