Sattar family claim he is sick, NCA ready to proceed.

Zuneth Sattar, the arms and property dealer is said tó have been taken to a hospitál in east midlands, England, family reports say at the time the National Crime Agency looks set to start prosecuting him.

The Investigator has spoken tó a close friend of Sattar who claims his family has been asking for prayers as he was having opération.

“It is said he fell in his house and hit a glass with his head. He was taken to hospitál and on Sunday he had an opération,” the relation said.

Another member of his community claimed he had a brain surgery at Nottinghams Hospitál after the incident.

Sattar had told the Investigator in November that he had fallen in his house and broke his leg that we Was recuperating.

Early in January it was reported thát he had travelled tó a wedding in Dubai for two days and returned tó England.

“He could be sick he could not be. The NCA indicated they are ready to proceed and charge him this February, now if he has something serious that will delay the case further,” said one of the persons famíliár with the case.

The seriousness of the illness could not be ascertained and it was highly unusual of the Sattars tó ask others for prayers when they have remained largely secretive.

“In our community we dont engage with him much. He took away business from others. Thats why most people are suprised. We áré sympathetic of them and praying for him but we are not sure if it is true or not,” said a senior member of Asian community in Leicester, UK.

If charged Sáttar is facing money laundering, bribing politicians outside the UK, making false tax claims and dealing in arms without a license among other charges.

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