Technology, Science and Innovation Services

1.       Mr. Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira: He has led adaptation of production technology to local conditions that has led to a mass production movement of essential household goods and responses. Whilst the technology part remains a challenge, it is the innovation in using local substitutes that makes him fit in the category of innovators. The panel recognises that both technology, science and innovation are very limited in Malawi, but hopes that in building solutions for local communities using locally available resources is a life changing service to Malawi.

2.       Mr. Ted Kwelepeta: He has through his Gizmo Innovations continue to adapt technology in construction and building sector to local conditions. His machinery has been already sold locally and internationally. What is unique about Mr Kwelepeta is his offer through his “101 engineering” to share knowledge with other users.

3.       Mayamiko Mkoloma: Founder of Intelligent Monitoring Systems (Imosys) a tech company which is championing deployments of Internet of Things (IoT) applications to enable connectivity for remote monitoring of Industrial processes, infrastructure and environmental aspects. The firm also pioneered the development of a smart water management system which is being adopted by water utility companies in Malawi. Among important work he has done includes managing a team on eHealth for community intervention which was aimed at reducing Tuberculosis (TB) cases by enhancing the current system through the use of technology to enable tracking of the flow of TB samples from the community level up to point of treatment initiation.

4.       FDH Bank: The Banks digital platform continues to remain exceptional innovation, from Whatsapp Banking to Ufulu Digital Account. The innovations, simplified for local users has helped to improve

5.       TNM Mudzi Wathu : The initiative with four components of job creation, deeper mobile penetration,  financial inclusion, participatory development is unique and worth recognition as it is the first redirect investment into communities using the 1% return of revenue generated within the communities. This is a first class initiative in corporate social responsibility and transforming lives of TNM users.

Special mention

Malawi University of Science and Technology: Championing technology and innovation projects across all sectors.

Standard Bank of Malawi: Banking innovation that includes outside banking hours deposits.

The future: The panel noted the global achievements of Ms Joyce Sikwese and her Green Impact Technolgy and Ulaye Mwale of Mpatsa Engineering who are winners of the global African Youth Adaptation Solutions challenge. Their innovations, if supported can redefine some of our technology usage gaps.

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