Thabo picks Sattar beneficiary to fight Chizuma

One of the three lawyers hand picked by Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda to fight for the interdiction of Anti Corruption Bureau Director General Martha Chizuma is a beneficiary of Zuneth Sattar generosity.

As the battle for Martha Chizuma’s head continues to be fought in courts now, The Investigator Magazine can reveal that one of the lawyers hired by Chakaka Nyirenda is mentioned in the Anti Corruption Bureau report which was submitted to the President in June 2022.

“That is the biggest irony.  Then he turns around and say he not paying them. The reasons for pro-bono do not make sense. Government does not need charity from lawyers, that is a lie. Unless he says one of them is helping to crucify Chizuma so he can be off the hook,” reasoned a lawyer who analysed the report for the Investigator Magazine.

The AG appointed three lawyers namely Chancy Gondwe, Kalekeni Kaphale and George Kadzipatike to represent him to validate the interdiction letter from Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba and charges slapped by the Police despite one of the named complainants Judge Simeon Mdeza distancing himself from it.

The lawyers were now heading to the Supreme Court after being rebuffed by the High Court in a case where public interest is not really there but saving those are scared of their corrupt deeds.

The Investigator Magazine has sent a questionnaire to the lawyer for comment.

Meanwhile, Director of Public Prosecutions Masauko Chamkakala’s decision to discontinue Chizuma charges has exposed Nyirenda and the hired legal help to public ridicule with others calling for the firing of the Attorney General after insisting on challenging the Malawi Law Society stay order. This means that the charges on which SPC Zamba premised her interdiction of Chizuma are no longer there.

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