Twea hid the truth, captured- Rev Zac Kawalala

The Commission of Inquiry Chaired by Justice Edward Twea report indicates serious sanitisation or hiding of the truth on who ordered the arrest of Martha Chizuma, a religious body has suggested.

Reverend Zac Kawalala, Chairperson of the Ethics, Justice and Peace Commission of the Evangelical Association of Malawi said in a statement on Friday the report fails to answer the questions Malawians had on the arrest.

“The findings seem to suggest serious sanitisation or withholding of information and the truth. It states how the complaint was made, and how the arrest was made. It is not specific who authorised the arrest,” said Kawalala.

The religious body says the failure to indicate who authorised the Anti Corruption Bureau Director Generals arrest has led to the public make own speculations.

“The glaring inadequacies of the report bring into question whether the Commission was high jacked by roque elements in the administration to pevert  the course of justice,” Kawalala suggests.

He said it was of great concern that the high profile arrest could not be detailed what the approval process was like.

“The report points to some form of deeply entrenched state capture which demands further investigation,” concludes Kawalala.

He said on his part President  Chakwera should not fire Chizuma as he had already pardoned her in January 2022 and that the arrest was aimed at undermining Chizumas resolve in the fight against  corruption.

The Investigator Magazine can confirm the report was doctored to remove Chizumas evidence and findings on who ordered the arrest. These will be published in our next magazine.

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