UK MPs to lobby for Malawi’s anti-malaria funding

British Members of Parliament have promised to lobby their government and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to continue funding the anti-malarian Indoor Residual Spray campaign which they say is making an impact in Malawi.

Malaria remains the number one killer in Malawi and World Vision International has been conducting Malaria Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) campaign in districts which records highest incidences of the disease. 

The Westminster team led by James Sunderland, Conservative MP for Bracknell visited Balaka district and was impressed with the IRS campaign saying it was important for the project to continue.

He said he will meet the UK Prime Minister and convince him to continue funding the programme through the Global Fund for Malaria. The UK government is the largest donor of the campaign.

Colonel Sunderland (rtd) and his fellow MPs visited Chipole village in Traditional Authority Mbera in Balaka on Wednesday to see for themselves the impact the programme is making in the district.

“As a politician I will keep lobbying the British government which in turn will also keep on lobbying other governments to make sure that we are being as generous as we can. 

“We must eradicate malaria in Africa and other developing nations. It is also important because the mosquitos are now moving towards Europe especially the USA and therefore the investment for western nations in eradicating malaria in Africa can stop the disease coming to the western world as well. I have to create a narrative that compels people to invest more in these treatments,” he said.   

He said he was happy that the UK government had committed 1 billion pounds towards the Global Fund eighth replenishment and hoped other countries will support the fund as well.  

Some of the UK MPs. James Sunderland is on the right 

Dr. Lumbani Munthali, Head of Malaria Control Programme in the Ministry of Health said the Ministry is aiming at eliminating malaria deaths by 2030. 

He said it is good that the UK MPs have indicated that they will lobby their government for more resources so that the country continue with the interventions like the IRS campaign.

The IRS campaign is being implemented by World Vision Malawi in three districts which had high malaria cases namely Nkhatabay, Balaka and Mangochi. This year’s campaign will start in October.

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