The K250m Police, MCP heist

…Special CID officers working with MCP.

…Nsundwe youth can’t be controlled

…Zikhale ducks questions

To help the Malawi Police Service speed up the investigations into the embarrassing episode where its officers and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Youth are being accused of stealing millions of kwachas from two shops in Salima on Tuesday, we have obtained the identities of the officers involved.

Media-savvy Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has refused to comment on the developments within his ministry, despite his name coming up in voice notes to suggest there is a power struggle within the MCP on who controls money sources.

“This is a change of mgodi (money sources) nothing about robbery. Ena anzawo akawadyela kuti? (Where will others eat?),” said a party official who claimed everyone in the party including President Lazarus Chakwera is aware of such party operations.

On Thursday MCP youth in a series of voice notes confirmed that they do accompany Malawi Police Service in their operations and that they will continue to do so until all the refugees are sent back to the Dzaleka refugee camp.

The embarrassing episode reveals how the MCP under President Chakwera is failing to control its gang, as the youth challenge Ministers and anyone they cannot be fired from the party, and they will not respect the laws that protect those that obtained Malawi citizenship.

The Police officers that have been identified within the Police service and travelled to Salima are:

·         Crimes superintendent Laudon Nthinda

·         Gracian Simpriano (in the photo)

·         Alick Kanyongo

·         Hannania Mbingwa

·         Andrew Chimpeni

Gracian Simpriano (in the photo) also identified in the video file photo below
The Malawi Police Service officer identified in the file photo above

According to sources at Area 30 headquarters, this is a group that is working with MCP Youth League and some of the confiscated items were being sent to MCP Headquarters in Lilongwe.

The MCP Youth League members we have identified are:

·         Blessings Kanyoni, son to a well-known Womens League official

·         Howard 

·         Bauleni from Mitundu in Lilongwe

The MCP Youth League members who were involved in the operation

The operation involved one Police Landcruiser and two MCP vehicles which should send jitters to the public that there are calls for an independent inquiry into the role of MCP youth in police services which could compromise the 2025 elections.

The Presidency is yet to comment on the embarrassing episode.

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