MCP accused of collecting tithe from refugees

…I forgive all of you- Chimwendo Banda

…Youth league work with Malawi Police

There is a tithe, refugees, and asylum seekers in the country, have been paying to President Lazarus Chakwera’s Malawi Congress Party (MCP) through his ministers and parliamentarians, the party youth league has charged.

But responding to the allegations, one of the named Ministers, Local Government Minister Richard Chimwendo Banda, said had forgiven all those who made the allegation to tarnish his image, but insisted that the incident where the youth and police were caught stealing money on CCTV has dented the party image.

Confirming The Investigator Magazine story broke on Wednesday that MCP Youth League members accompanied by Police raided two shops in Salima, where they were caught on CCTV stealing cash disguised as an operation to remove illegal immigrants from towns and cities.

“As MCP Youth we are disappointed because our leaders are pretending as if they are not aware. When we picked Burundi, he said a lot of things. He said the Burundis support the MCP through Ministers and parliamentarians,” says the voice of a youth leaguer, who says they took the individual to Lingadzi Police station in Area 18 “like others.”

MCY Youth Militia at their Head quarters in Lilongwe, Malawi

He explained that at Lingadzi Police he met an MCP parliamentarian who said had come for the arrested persons and confirmed to the group that he supports the party and many of the parliamentarians.

“We argued that this is not in tandem with what the President wants. He wants all Burundis and Rwandans out of our towns. Our leaders backing them. We could not understand. I got a call from an MP for the area who asked me why I went to his constituency. I received a message from another MP complaining of the same,” says the Youth Leaguer.

The allegations bring to light serious corruption and bribery charges against the minister and the legislators who have addressed rallies across the country, distributing t-shirts and party materials allegedly sourced from refugees.

“The gentleman claims he collects money from all refugees along the lakeshore and gives to the minister and other senior officials to support the party,” emphasises the speaker.

In a set of seven recorded voice notes sent to The Investigator Magazine, several MCP youth make serious allegations ranging from public loans from National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF), K320 million, and that the Malawi Police Service is working with MCP youth during official operations.

The shocking revelations expose the chaotic leadership of President Lazarus Chakwera where corruption and impunity have been allowed to flourish and the party is taking over government services including Policing services.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) some Ministers went to collect money from Burundi’s in Lilongwe. We know that. They have sent K10,000 bundles to several gullible supporters to be attacking us,” charged one youth in a voice note sent to the MCP group in the central region.

They then challenged that they cannot be fired from the MCP as the party is their bloodline and that most of the leaders now just came to enrich themselves.

“What can they show to have done for us? They are busy talking about this as wrong because we have disturbed their gold mine. There is nothing in the national interest,” alleges another voice note.

The Youth League members say they will continue conducting the operation to remove all refugees and nobody will stop them.

In a Whatsapp group message, Chimwendo Banda said it was “unfortunate that you want to link me to things” that he was not aware of.

Hon Chimwendo’s message in the Whatsapp group

“May God forgive you and lies do not stay longer.  After some time if GOD allows mudzawawuza anthu zoona (you tell the people the truth).  Kufikila dzulo sindimadziwa kuti mukalakwitsa ngati anyamata a chipani muzitipaka ife izi (Until yesterday I didn’t realise if party young make mistakes, they will be blaming us), “said Chimwendo Banda.

He said what had happened in Salima “dented the party image” and had nothing to do with the Ministers.

“You may find other ways of running from it, but don’t use and tarnish my image. I have no enemies in MCP and will not have one because of this issue. I have never benefitted even a penny from any foreigner for our rallies and I don’t even know this person by name or face. I have forgiven all of you for all the insults,” said Chimwendo Banda.

The Malawi Police Service pretended not to know the culprits who deposited the arrested Burundi nationals who have permanent residence and has not commented on allegations that the group stole millions of kwacha they found in the shop.

The nation is waiting to see if President Lazarus Chakwera will act on these embarrassing revelations which involve the Police and his party youth.

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