Chinese national killed at Njewa by robbers

..CCTV shows four men followed victims 

Four armed robbers attacked and killed a Chinese national at Njewa in Lilongwe as security continues to detoriate in the country.

According to unreleased Police record a gang of thieves armed with  AK47 rifles and some panga knifes broke  into Njewa industrial area (  factory yopanga  candles )  and went away with millions of kwacha.

This happened between 5 and 6pm and people around the area confirmed hearing multiple gunshots.

The CCTV footage shows a white can arriving and four men running into a closing gate while one is shooting.

The men then attack the car owners and one robber dressed in all white starts shooting again randomly. Gunfire is visible.

The robbers after grabbing a bag of cash run away using a small vehicle that appears to have been waiting outside the gate.

Most foreign nationals store cash in their homes and they have been a target of armed robberies.

Theft and Mobile Money Fraud numbers have increased over the years.

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