Chisa Mbele amplifies calls for Federal Government

Corruption and concentration of power within a few hands has made Malawi poor and it is time we consider Federal system of governance, activist-cum-politician Joshua Chisa Mbele has stated.

Joining growing calls for a Federal system as many feel tribalism and nepotism has been core with the current unitary and first past the post system, Mbele known as ‘mneneri’ says it is time to change the system.

He was commenting on a letter from Federal activists mainly from the Northern region of Malawi who feel the area has been neglected but has recently found support among other regions in the country.

“Some of you say we are too poor to reorganize ourselves.We are too corrupt to try a new system. In actual fact those are the very reasons we must move away from strong central government,” argues Chisa Mbele.

Mbele says federation does matter with the size of the country citing Switzerland as being smaller in size and population than Malawi but uses a Federal system of government.

“Let me remove misconception. Federal government doesn’t mean we are creating new republics within the country. No, we are getting rid of Centralized Administration. People to run and manage their affairs. People to exploit their resources and benefit from them,” said Chisa Mbele.

He said through the Federal system  people will be able to manage education, safety, law and  order in their localities which is the real empowerment of the people.

Chisa Mbele dismissed sceptics who claim Federal system will expound tribalism, saying it is the same in a village set up, where each family manages own household but all answer to the village Chief.

“When arguing for or against, avoid guess work. Federal arrangement does not take tribe into consideration. It’s free movement. Free choices where to live and work. It’s only the administration which is delinked,” he said.

He cited Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland within UK and the States in the United States of America as among model states  for federation.

Calls for federation are now growing as alternative as central government is plunged y corruption and nepotism which has left people disgruntled over the unitary state.

In a petition released last week, the activists want President Lazarus Chakwera to call for a referendum now to give Malawians a choice.

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