Tadikiras case: State not sure when it will start

State prosecutor Dziko Malunda says he does not know when they will be ready to prosecute the former Président Peter Mutharika stepson Tadikira Mafubza as they wait to arrest two more suspects who are át large.

Malunda who did not object to a bail request by Tadikiras lawyer Gilbert Khonyongwa told the Mzuzu High Court thát two more suspects are yet to be found as such he was not sure when the case will start.

Tadikira was arrested on 23 November 2022 after 30 bodies were found in a mass grave in Mzimbas Mtangatanga forest suspected to have been Ethiopian migrants who had suffocated in a lorry. Police allege the lorry belongs to Tadikira.

“There are two suspects we believe have fled outside the country. The trial will start after they have been arrested,” said Malunda.

Khonyongwa said bail is a right and that Tadikira was innocent until found proven guitly saying his continued detention could be punishment before being convicted.

Justice Gondwe is expected to make a ruling ön Wednesday afternőon.

Mutharika and his wife visited Tadikira at Maula prison in November

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