Chisale says Malawi justice system politicised

Former bodyguard of President Peter Mutharika says the justice system in the country has been politicised and that people perceived as political rivals are being punished before being convicted by courts.

Chisale was speaking in an intervie0w saying the recent dropping of charges, unfreezing of assests and deals to refundsays  properties shoe the system is choosing who to deal with based on political colours not facts of the matter.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Masauko Chamkakala dropped charges against former President Bakili Muluzi and his predecessor Steven Kayuni immediately after taking office.

This week The Investigator Magazine has detailed cases the Anti- Corruption Bureau is handling including a deal with Zneth Sattar lawyers to access his accounts to pay statutory obligations.

Chisale who is the most arrested individual from the former ruling Democratuc Progressive Party has had his assests frozen for three years and his case is yet to be tried in court.

Chisales accounts were frozen and his assests including over 80 vehicles seized by a consortium of government agencies accusing him of accumulating wealth dubiously during his tenure as Director of Security at State Residences.

Chisale was arrested on multiple cases including involving the use of President Mutharika Tax Payers Identification Number to import cement

Apart from the case of his assests, Chisale was arrested on multiple cases including involving the use of President Mutharika Tax Payers Identification Number to import cement, incidental shooting of a woman in Blantyre and allegations involving his academic certificates.

“I have family and legal obligations, I have applied through courts, engaged government laywers and nothing has come out of it. Their motive seems is to kill me and make sure I suffer for being in opposition. When you read that the same system is dropping charges, or making deals or even allowing people access their money and you are denied the same, you know there is nothing about achieving justice in case,” said Chisale.

He said he was denied even funds to pay his medical bills and school fees, saying personalisation of justice in Malawi was another first for the Tonse Administration.

Chisale on duty during Mulhakho wa alhomwe

“I can’t feed my family nor pay my kids school fees. I can’t pay my lawyers. They are yet to start the cases, others have been thrown out. Simply this is not a matter of seeking justice but political retribution,” said Chisale who is set to run for a parliamentary seat in Ntcheu District.

We have sent questions to the offices of Attorney General and DPP and we will update when we recieve a response.

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