Cholera out of control, 20 dying every day

...spreads in 28 districts 

Malawi is officially in state of cholera disaster and Government has failed to control the outbreak that now at least 20 Malawians are dying from the waterbone  disease.

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda said in a statement  over the weekend that 583 Malawians have died this month alone.

Almost all of the country’s districts have reported cholera and is yet to be declared a national disaster despite claiming lots of lives.

Lakeshore district of Mangochi has reported the highest number of infections at 6 579 resulting in 110 deaths with commercial capital Blantyre on second position 5 073 that caused 170 deaths.

Malawis capital sits third on cholera table with 4484 cases and a high mortality at 283.  At the bottom is Mulanje with 525 cases resulting in 25 deaths and Mzimba with 470 cases resulting in two deaths.

Government has been failing to control cholera since March 2022 when it was first reported in Machinga district before spreading across the country.

Since the outbreak at least 33 000 people have been treated and as of now over 1000 are in treatment centres 

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