Chakweras faces own deadline on new Cabinet

President Lazarus Chakwera is facing his own deadline of January which he promised Malawians he will appoint a new cabinet.

The President promised a lean and effective cabinet to address the challenges Malawians are facing.

Most of his key Ministers and senior government officials have been implicated in a number of investigations and recently the Police have openly defied his order not to prosecute the Anti-Corruption Bureau Director General Martha Chizuma.

Police Prosecutor whose authority is drawn from the Director of Public Prosecutions a Presidential appointee is expected to take Chizuma to court on February 8, 2022 as a Chakweras authority continues to be wanting.

Speaking on New Year’s day, he said he had almost finished appointing a new cabinet he had promised in October 2022.

“As you may recall, two months ago I announced I will be making changes to my cabinet. Today I wish to inform you that the new configuration is at an advanced stage, so as was the case with the last reshuffle I January, my office will be announcing a new configuration this Janaury,” Chakwera  told Malawians.

He said the new cabinet will strive to tackle the challenges the country is facing including current cholera outbreak, high inflation, high cost of living and the collapse of the Malawi kwacha.

“In short what you will see is a cabinet focused on delivery,” said the President who has only tommorrow to live up to his words.

It is unlikely the President will let go of his leiutenants named in corruption investigations.

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