Cholera stops BT, LL schools from opening

Leaders in Malawis two biggest cities are not returning to school this week as cholera continues to wreck havoc.

The Presidents Task Force on Coronavirus which has added Cholera out break to its ranks announced over the New Year’s Holiday that the outbreak makes it unsafe for for learners.

“Due to the continued increase in the numbers of cases and deaths in the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe the opening of next term of primary and secondary schools will be delayed…at least for two weeks until further advice,” said statement signed by Health Minister Khumbize Kandodo who chairs the Task Force.

Cholera outbreak  for the first time started in summer and with the rainy season it is expected to worsened raising questions why public health officials failed to contain it for a period of seven months now.

17,000 cases have been reported with 570 fatalities most affecting peri-urban populations which have poor water and sanitation access.

Blantyre is the commercial capital while Lilongwe is the political administrative city.

The press release

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