Editorial: As Hunger bites, Chakwera dines in Qatar

Malawians are now getting used to queue for things. From maize to fuel. But one notable thing, the man they elected to help solve probelms has run away. He has chosen to go to Qatar to deliver a speech.

One thing President Lazarus Chakwera is able to do is to read a speech. One thing he has failed to do is to lead the country. He is one leader most Malawians can’t wait to see the back of his rule.

If failure had a name it would be Lazarus Chakwera. Everything does not seem to work. Cholera is still killing Malawians. The economy went to the dogs and his Finance Minister presented a very uninspiring budget that does not give any hope of recovery any time soon.

The Budget suddenly does not indicate, at least the statement,  what will happen to 3.8 Malawians who have no food.

Images of women with children lining up at Admarc as early as 4am should affect any human being with proper conscience. Malawians now have to push and shove each other to get 15kgs of maize.

The price of a 50kg bag is now the same as minimum wage for the least paid worker.

But our politicians are not human.  As Hunger bites, the man they elected to solve their problems decides to travel to Qatar for speeches.

With him at least 50 people, some of them proudly dressed in Women’s leagues attire as if it is a political party conference.

Such wastefulness can only come from leaders whose conscience does not include empathy for the less privileged. 

Those that conspired and stole K750 million with some Butchery in London. Those that were given and paid for fertiliser contracts which they never supplied, have one Godfather. His name is Lazarus Chakwera. He does not care.

As Malawians in Karonga are pushing each other to get 15kgs  his Ministers are  addressing political rallies that do not mean anything to the hungry masses.

Somewhere, somehow this absent President is stretching the patience of Malawians. As others before him, one day his power will go and he will have to account for such gross negligence he displays.

Qatar was not a national priority. Solve the food crisis first President Chakwera and then  you can dine freely. Or is it a sign that you don’t carr anymore since you will only be one term President 

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