Energy PS Chikuni lies to back “Chief” contract

..19 of contracts belong to 4 companies

..EGENCO has 9, JCM has 3

Desperate to justify their trip to the United States of America to sign contracts with the suspicious Nigerian, “Chief”,  Secretary for Energy Alfonso Chikuni and ESCOM boss Kankwamba Kumwenda resorted to lying to the public about Power Purchase Agreements signed in 2019.

The Investigator Magazine has sourced the final signed agreements  which shows state owned Electrity Generation of Company owns the bulk of the 19 PPAs Chikuni was playing politics with.

Chikuni blamed the former ruling party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime for  signing the 19 agreements on the even of 2019 elections. He could not say how politics is related to agreements run by a state owned enterprise.

Alfonso Chikuni’s justification to his USA trip to give two public contracts to “Chief” means he is working under the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) influence and is not fit for an impartial public office.

The controversial Principal Secretary who is already under investigation by the Anti Corruption Bureau over allegations related to his time as CEO of Lilongwe Water Board and Kumwenda gave half baked information during a briefing called to counter our story revealing of their trip to the USA which they were scheduled to leave on Sunday.

“EGENCO holds 9 of the PPAs he is referring to.Every EGENCO site has a PPA, these are Nkula A,B, Kapichira 1,2,3,4, Wowve, Tedzani and Diesel Generators sites at Mapanga and Lilongwe,” said an insider.

He claimed Chikuni was desperately  trying to bring “Chief” because he could not name or find the 19 companies.

“JCM solar that has a power farm in Salima has also two other PPAs at Nkhoma and Golomoti. Aggrekko has 3 PPAs for Chichiri, Kanengo and Kasungu. There is another one in Mulanje and a German company for Solar in Mangochi and Lilongwe and Windmills in Mzimba. There are not 19 companies. These are not dobadobas,” challenged a senior Ministry of Energy official.

He said it was laughable for Chikuni to claim the 19 PPAs belong to dobadobas (middlemen) when he knows his preffered Chief is a “dobadoba.”

“Chief is a doba doba. He does not own any Energy company.He is trying his lack in fuel and energy now because our corrupt officials have eaten money from him. They can proceed with the contracts but someone will provide evidence for investigations and the deal will fail,” challenged our source.

Chief Obinna G.C Amuchienwa a Nigerian national linked to Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba is set to sign K1 trillion worth of contracts for a solar thermal power plant and fuel.

Amuchienwa, a mysterious figure who seems to be connected to Zamba and Malawi Government is based in Abuja but Chikuni and company will  meet him at a farm in Utah, USA from Monday 26th June to 3rd of July.

Chikuni is doing his bidding for contracts according to earlier information in Parliament by Hellen Buluma, former CEO for National Oil Company of Malawi.

EGENCO has been sidelined by Chikuni and company.

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