Forex woes: Kenya suspends ticket sales in Malawi

Kenya Airways has again suspended selling of its tickets in Malawi kwacha citing difficulties in foreign exchange repatriation.

The Malawi economy which is heavily dependent on agro industry and donor support has been on a free fall mode since government failed to secure an International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme.

National import cover had fallen to its lowest in October this year covering only one month of imports.

“Following increasing foreign currency repatriation difficulties experienced in Malawi we regret to inform you our Trade partners that Kenya Airways has suspended ticketing issuance authority in the Malawi market,

“Subsquently, with immediate effect the ticket authority for all agents (including KQ CTO and ATO) in Malawi will be withdrawn until further notice,” the airline said in a Tarrif Notice issued on 9 December.

The Travel Agents in Malawi indicated that such bans affect employment of dozens of Malawians at employed in the sector.

We are waiting for response from the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

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