Fredokiss, League for Change want Prison recruitment stopped 

Hip hop artist Fredokiss real name Penjani Kalua, and League for Change have written to the Anti-Corruption Bureau to review the recruitment of Prison Wardens who are expected to start training this February. 

Kalua posted a letter from his lawyers Mackenzie and Patrick’s which asked the ACB to investigate the recruitment alleging some of the names that had appeared on the final selection list did not have requisite qualifications before the recruitment.  

“After close to 9 months on 28th January 2023 saw a list of successful applicants in the print media. The list was full of newly qualified MSCE graduates who obtained their MSCE long after the deadline set for receipt of applications,” writes Andrew Mdala for the legal firm. 

The lawyers claim the recruitment is in violation of corrupt practices act. 

Public services recruitment has been under scrutiny after politicians and senior government officials have been accused of nepotism and receiving bribes to recruit. Currently we are investigating text messages showing cash transfers to officials at the Department of Human Resources who received cash from applicants for the position of chauffeur whose interviews were done recently. 

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