Illegal traders will be deported- Zikhale

…claims he rejected refugees money¬†

…Winiko accused of being paid to chastise govt

Vocal Immigration Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has said genuine refugees will be returned to Dzeleka whilst those that are deemed to have been doing businesses will be deported.

Zikhale Ng’oma was captured in  recorded audio The Investigator Magazine has sourced telling a group of Malawian businesses that Government would implement in full its proposal for all refugees to return into camps.

“Don’t listen to those that have been paid to discredit us. Don’t listen to people like Winiko

 This is in the interest of Malawians and we are following the law,” said Zikhale Ng’oma.

He said genuine refugees will return to Dzeleka whilst others who came as businessmen have been trading illegally are resisting the changes.

“The law says if you are a businessman you obtain business permit. If you come as a refugee you are required to stay at the camp in Dzeleka. There is nothing in between. We are following the law,” he said.

He added that all illegal persons are deported and sent to their point of entry which he said will apply to those that will be found trading without proper permits after the April 15 has passed.

“When Malawians are found anywhere in the world they are deported. The same we are saying, shows us you BRP (Business Resident Permit) or be at Dzaleka or we will deport you,” he said.

Zikhale Ng’oma is also heard telling the group that when he met some of those affected by te order they asked if he could carry financial assistance to the victims of Cyclone Freddy.

“I said please go and give the money to DoDMA. When I checked after a few days the assistance which I was supposed to collect has not reached the office yet. That was suspicious,” he added.

Zikhale Ng’oma is the fourth Minister to issue the directive and unconfirmed reports indicate that one of the previous Minister in the past five years was palm oiled with K150 million to pretend he never issued the order.

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