Mchacha still DPP Governor

He will fight for his position. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Governor for the South Charles Mchacha is back into the position after the High Court stopped his firing

The DPP is in state of chaos after some quarters in the party started open endorsements to force party leader Peter Mutharika to run again.

Mchacha was fired by the pro- Mutharika grouping which installed Thomas Kamangira as new regional boss for the South.

Insiders claim Mchacha, who is thought to be aligned to one of the leading Presidential aspirants Dr Dalitso Kabambe was fired after he allegedly attacked the party leader in a recording done during a meeting with District governors.

Mchacha had organised a meeting to oppose Mutharikas endorsements but it was cancelled at the eleventh hour.

On Wednesday  High Court Judge Simeon Mdeza granted an injuction against Mutharika and DPP stopping them from firing Mchacha until further orders of the court.

Mutharika has remained mute on the chaos as people seen to oppose his come back are being fired.

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