Kachamba Ngwira machine saga: Chair threatens to resign

..confirms only paid for spares…

Chairperson of Revolutionary Farming Steering Committee Peter Sabao has blasted his members for “leaking and granting access” to people with bad intentions after The Investigator Magazine revealed that his Committee will be giving uncertified cooking oil as shares to 25 members who have dumped the group.

Sabaos statement however provides critical evidence that the K1 040 000 invested in the machines was for mantainance not procurement of the machine. He made the statements after alarmed members asked him on our earlier story where the Family of Mambeleras are asking Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira to return their Cooking Oil pressing machine.

In a voice note sent on Sunday at 19.25, Sabao who is mentioned by Mrs Slyvia Mambelera as having been introduced by Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira as Chairperson of the Cooking Oil Cooperative, he confirms that he met and worked with Mr Elias Mambelera.

“I know Mr Mambelera on the basis that the machine the CEO advised to use had broken down. The CEO advised us to engage him, we used to take him from his home, pay his transport to Lilongwe  and worked with him twice to fix the machines at Phalula. Beyond that I cannot comment on other allegations on ownership of the machines that is the issue between the Mambeleras and the CEO (Ngwira),” says Sabao who however says The Investigator Magazine reported wrongly.

His voice note which we have recorded from the group which is one of the seven groups we joined in 2022 goes on to confirm the version of the Mambeleras as Sabao says “as someone who knew the machines.”

Sabao said Mambelera was sent to Phalula twice and later him and the guard were fixing the machine.

“My name has been mentioned wrongly.The other stuff I can not say anything that is between the family and the CEO,” said Sabao who goes on to say it was wrong for group members to allow The Investigator Magazine to attend meetings.

Editor for the Magazine Masauko Phiri says the Magazine participation in the PIC Project was part of its investigation into Kachamba Ngwiras scheme after it recieved a letter in June 21, 2021 from one of PIC VIP members who made serious allegations of fraud, money laundering and others.

“Mr Sabao should remember Mr Kachamba Ngwira invited Malawians to join in what he called a revolution. We invested our funds as well and are active observers in groups of public interest. We will continue to sit and report everything in these meetings of public interest. 

“If they are an honest grouping they have nothing to fear. In case of cooking oil, as a Chairperson he can produce a certificate from Malawi Bureau of Standards. Otherwise feeding people uncertified products is a health hazard and criminal. We are sending our share of sample to MBS,” said Phiri.

Below are the audios sent to our group by the Chairperson. We invite Mr Sabao to produce a certificate from MBS for the Cooking Oil he has offered to members.

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