Awilo, Lawi row escalate

..Awilo wants an apology in 24 hr

…get lost, Lawi fans tell Awilo

Hours after Malawians took to social media to blast Congolese music icon Awilo Longomba for failing to turn up at a music concert organised by local artist Lawi, Awilo has said the Malawian promoter lied to the nation.

Malawians have camped on the page to tell off the threat as empty.

In a recorded video Awilos Manager Leo Brown of BJB has warned Lawi of unspecified action should he fail to apologise to the music legend.

“I am giving you 24 hours to apologise to Awilo, to his fans in Malawi for lying. This is the last time you will ever use the names of big artist,” charged Brown in a 16 minute video.

Lawi could not be immediately reached for a comment but on Saturday before the show said he had been let down by Awilo after he confirmed his attendance.

Whilst Lawi advertised a full performance, Brown said Awilo was only going to come for appearance and not to perform.

“We gave you Two options. Appearance and performance. You chose appearance. But you failed to meet the conditions,” charged Brown.

But before the fall out Awilo had posted a video confirming that he will “appear” at BICC.

It is not clear on what happened but Malawis celebrated GodFather of Music Sir Lucius Banda indirectly weighed in when he said of an artist he did not name   “had same problem when he was refusing to get into the plane from London. We had to send our boys.”

Awilo is a household name in Malawi and his failure to turn up disappointed many who have been “camping” in social media pages associated with Awilo.

The ultimatum expires Tuesday morning.

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