Kamuzus grand nephew arrested

..Chief Kaomba claims Chewa paramount office again..

Chief Kaomba, the grand nephew of Hastings Kamuzu Banda was on Kamuzu Day the of 14th May 2023 recovering from his árrést two days before for allegedly forging a letter claiming he had been promoted tó paramount Chief.

The alleged promotion would have put him as the Head of Chewas in  central areas of Malawi as Paramount Lundu, whose cousin Undi is considered King of the Chewas, is the only paramount Chewa King.

Lundu and Undi were given Chieftainship by Kalonga, the then head of Chewa people. Undi has managed tó rally Chewas across Southern African behind him.

Kaomba in 2012 shocked Malawians when he claimed he was Kalonga, which gave himself status equal to Undi.

The then Chewa Heritage Foundation Leader Dr Justin Malewezi explained Kaombauta Was a name of Kalongas security agent who was renowned for shooting arrows.

Kaomba later apologised.

Kaombas grandmother was Kamuzu’s step sister who was married to the Ngalandes, according tó research on Bandas family.

Kamuzu created the Kaomba chieftainship in 1978 after he féll out with Chief Mwase whom he jailed. Chief Mwase was restored after the return of  democratic politics in 1994.

Kaomba has since been highly visible in politics.

Police in Kasungu confirmed the árrést.

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