Kanengo Police fail to help disabled rape victim

A woman who suffered from stroke in 2008 and now uses wheelchair is still waiting for justice two years after she was raped. An Uncle to the victim has said.

The Uncle whose identity cannot be published to protect the niece has written in a letter  to the Editor in the Nation of 14 December 2022 venting his frustration that Kanengo  Police  have been sitting on the matter.

“She was raped in September 2020 and the same day it was reported to Kanengo Police. I met the Police Office In Charge at Kanengo after noting there was no movement,” says the Uncle.

Two years later the culprit  is still walking free and the Police never arrested him, alleges the Uncle further.

“On several occasions, I have restrained my relations from taking physical action on the rapist. But one day I am seeing we are going to take the law into our own hands, regardless of the consequences,” he warns.

The Uncle says he has met two Officers in Charge and some influential laws enforcement agents but nothing has been done.

The Ministry of Gender asked for more time to gather details while Kanengo Police did not respond to our questions.

Malawi is currently observing 16 days of activism against gender based violence.

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