Kunkuyu misses USA jab

New Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu says Government will engage the United States  Embassy on their concerns over the harassment of Anti Corruption Bureau Director General Martha Chizuma.

But the Embassy in its scathing attack of Président Lazarus Chakwera administration said it has been engaging government officials at áll levels without any résults.

In a first official statement released after Secratary tó the Président and Cabinet Colleen Zamba interdicted Chizuma, Kunkuyu said Goverment will engagé the Americans diplomatically.

Ambassador Young however told Zodiak radio that engagement with government officials had not yielded anything so far.

“Corruption affects the 15 million poor Malawians. It is horrific to think that 20% national resources are lost through corruption,” said Young.

Kunkuyu might also want to release another statement as the UK High Commissioner to Malawi has twitted of “grave concerns” asking the Chakwers led government not to use the law and police to suppress free will.

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