Law Society drags Police, Zamba to court

…stops Chizuma’s case, interdiction…

In what would be a grave embarrassment to the President, his legacy and government, the Law Society of Malawi has been granted an injunction stopping prosecution and interdiction of Anti-Corruption Bureau Director Martha Chizuma.

President Lazarus Chakwera’s strategy to fire Chizuma has been meeting legal, political and public obstacles and seven days after he ordered interdiction of Chizuma and failed to tell Malawians of his decision.

The Malawi Law Society has obtained a stay order in which they have dragged Police Prosecutor Levison Mangani, the Chief Resident Magistrate and Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba to court for a judicial review both on the charges and the interdiction.

Justice Mike Tembo issued the injunction and granted the Law Society request for a Judicial Review on the matter.

The successive turn arounds in Chizuma’s case are costing Chakwera and the whole country’s image as it has become obvious that the President is desperate to impende and remove the ACB Director General from Office.

Before her purported removal Chizuma ha obtained a warrant of arrest for Steven Kayuni over allowances he had collected in June 2021 for a trip he never fulfilled but instead diverted to South Africa for personal errands. Kayuni is facing charges of abuse of office and fraud, according to the warrant of arrest.

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