MAREP contracts: I will deliver-Chilapondwa

I have already delivered 10 containers to MAREP warehouses and will fulfil my contract, Ntchisi South MP Ulemu Chilapondwa has responded to our article identifying some MCP and UTM officials who were given contracts under Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (MAREP).

“I have started delivering. 10 containers already delivered. The remaining ones are on their way. 5 of them should be in Malawi any day this week,” said Chilapondwa in a written response. The legislator whose company got K4 921 103 912.10 contract received 30% advance payment of K1 476 331 173.63 which he claims is intact in his bank account and will be used to procure materials.

“The money is for Malawians and not mine and this is why I will do anything to deliver. I forwarded the money to the manufacturer,” says the former deputy minister.

Chilapondwa told the Investigator that he would like to maintain his reputation as a company that Malawians should trust his company to deliver.

“We are 40 suppliers and whatever others are doing with the money is their business, but I will deliver,” he said. The Investigator verified that Chilapondwa has a contract with an Egypt based company which he is being supplied material. Another contractor who contacted The Investigator said the Reserve Bank was playing politics as well in remitting forex to suppliers.

“Those politically connected are being allocated foreign exchange. Others just US$ 25,000 so far approved. Whilst many might be able to deliver, but some won’t be in position to deliver as we are being denied forex,” he charged.

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